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Counterpath uses sipXecs internally

The leading provider of SIP softphones needed a standards based and open SIP based communications system.

Open Source Edition Open Source Edition

sipXecs is the open source edition of openUC, provided to the communty by eZuce through SIPfoundry.

Long Term Support Long Term Support

For the commercial openUC editions, eZuce offers Long Term Support (LTS) to customers.  If you are interested in this offer, contact eZuce at

What our Customers Say What our Customers Say

"The benefits of a commercial open source product easily beat every other proprietary product we have looked at. The economics are unquestionable and the product is architected to support our needs well into the future." Communications Manager, Large Global Retail Organization, 40,000 production seats on openUC.

Charles River Development

"We were skeptical about trying to put an open source based solution into production. eZuce and openUC have delivered a commercial product and support on par with any solution we have implemented in the past." Robin Toturro, Telecom Manager, CRD, 500 production seats on openUC.

Differences between the open source sipXecs edition and openUC Differences between the open source sipXecs edition and openUC

As you can imagine we get asked a lot about the difference between commercial-grade openUC and sipXecs.  We are excited that we are able to add, at a rapid pace, incremental features to both our open source sipXecs edition and our commercial openUC editions.  sipXecs is quickly establishing itself as the leading open source software based unified communications solution and we want to keep it that way.  

The following software editions are available:

  • sipXecs Community Edition: 100% open source and community-supported
  • All eZuce openUC software is offered under a commercial license with eZuce support and software assurance.  The products offered are:
  • o   openUC Enterprise Edition is for large enterprise businesses.  openUC offers an unlimited number of servers and cluster design as well as includes the Unite desktop client.
    o   openUC Business Edition is for 0 to 200 seats with a maximum of 2 servers and the Unite client can be bought separately.
    o   openUC UMC is for media services only (Conferencing and Voice Mail) as a UC add-on to an existing legacy PBX system
For more information on the commercial editions, please visit, call 978-296-1005, or email

sipXecs / openUC Version Comparison

  Recommended For   openUC is recommended for Corporations, Governments, Universities, and other organizations looking for an enterprise scale, production-ready open source UC solution that is typically under 1/5th of the cost of traditional legacy (IP) PBX systems.   sipXecs is recommended for smaller deployments in the SMB market and for developers. As this version is unsupported it is intended to be used by those happy to spend time and resources to be self-sufficient.
  Cloud   Certified in different cloud environments including Amazon EC2 AWS, VMware Solutions Exchange, HP cloud, T-Systems cloud, OpenStack and others with detailed docuentation and best practices.   Community.
  Platform Support   Certified on Red Hat Enterprise Linux including virtualization.   Developed to run on an open source stack.
  Scalability and High Availability   Certified and tested up to 30,000 users (release 4.4), extending to 100,000 users (release 4.6), clustered and geo-redundant and with branch survivability.  

Redundant call control only with limited clustering and no redundant media services, designed for smaller deployments.

  Redundant Media   Globally redundant media servcices including voicemail (VM) with flexible backend storage options (GridFS, Amazon S3) for easy backup & restore and disaster recover, redundant auto-attendant (AA), and redundant Music on Hold (MoH) service.  

Non-redundant media services with local (on the same host) storage of VM messages.

  E911   Location based E911 support with ERLs (location tags) assigned by user or branch, ERL based CallerID substitution, internal notification, and dynamic emergency center call-back.  

No E911 ERL support.

  Multi-level administrator access   Managed Servide Providers (MSPs) require multiple and configurable administrative access levels.  This allows extending control out to the custome in a defined and configurable way.  

Not available.

  CallerID based source routing   Ability to tap into an external database with CallerID as the key to retrieve information about source routing the incoming call.  

Not available.

  Authentication   Support for enterprise level authentication including Radius, CAS, OAuth, and SAML.  

Not available.

  Redundant Enterprise IM   Redundant Enterprise IM and presence services (XMPP), integrated with MongoDB and session state sharing between nodes for extremely fast client failover in case of a server outage.  

Non-redundant IM services using PostgreSQL to store user and configuration data.  Scale appropriate for SMB deployments and not fully automated backup / restore.

  Session State    Redundant and scalable Session State Server (SSS) for scalable and reliable 'On the phone' presence and Busy Lamp Field (BLF) functionality in a large cluster.  

Open source Resource List Server (RLS) for non-redundant session state with limited scalability.

  XMPP Server    Enterprise Instant Messaging (EIM) server with seamless and instant user profile sync between IM clients and phone / Web clients, based on MongoDB.  

Open source EIM server without profile sync and based on PostgreSQL.

  Cluster Management   Location service for automated and dynamic cluster configuration.  Used for large clusters to dynamically configure DNS,route traffic, and reliably recover from node outages.   

No dynamic re-routing of traffic.

  Contact Center   Skills based contact center solution with priority routing and flexible queue recipe configuration for calls, voicemail, and email routed to a distributed agent population.  Redundant servers and scalable.  Dashboard based agent workstation (agent and supervisor) with reporting.   No contact center solution.  Limited call queueing based on open source solution.
  Codecs   Commercial G.729 codec support with bulk licensing.  

Community G.729 codec support provided by FreeSWITCH and licensed per port.

  Support   Full commercial support with Service Level Agreements (SLA) for guaranteed response time and escalation.  Fast turn-around time for patches and fixes. Support coverage includes certified phones and gateways for single point of contact.   None provided.
  License   Commercial license with End User License Agreement (EULA) from eZuce.   AGPL v3 license with additional attribution requirement, and allows SIPfoundry to use your name and logo to identify you as a user of sipXecs.
  Documentation and Training   openUC icludes administrator and end user documentation, including application and configuration guides.  In addition, eZuce provides technical training for administrators and partners.   Community Wiki, mailing lists, and forum.
  Upgrades & Maintenance   Timely maintenance releases and upgrade support / automation.   Maintenance builds on a best effort basis.
  Trials & Pilots   eZuce supports customer trials and pilots with a specific trial agreement, system design, and including support throughout the trial or pilot.   Free to download and try
  Licensing   Subscription and perpetual licenses.  Very simple per user licensing with all features included.   No software license fee - free to use.
  Custom branding   Custom branding of user and admin portals as well as for clients is available to commercial customers.   SIPfoundry license requires the SIPfoundry branding to be retained.

openUC Clients and Application Integration

Alfresco Enterprise Network
Alfresco Community
  Unite client   The eZuce Unite client, available with our commercial openUC edition only, is a powerful cross-platform client that combines Instant Messaging (IM) with Unified Messaging (UM), conferencing, and calling.  Unite offers a presence based and immersive user experience that greatly improves your communications experience.  You can easily escalate communications from chat to a voice or video call, or from group chat to a conference call. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.   n/a
  Outlook Add-in  

The eZuce Outlook add-in, available with the commercial openUC edition only, communications-enables Outlook 2010/13 in a very comprehensive way.  It enhances Outlook 2010/13 in five critical areas with embedded communications features:  a) presence based communications where presence is seamlessly integrated into Outlook, b) conference invites with instant click-to-call and dynamic conference management, c) unified messaging integration, d) address book synchronization and social activity stream integration, and e) instant phone book search, click-to-call for phone numbers in message body, and other calling features.

  Unite Mobile  

Unite Mobile,is a client for smartphones and tablets.  It replaces a conventional fixed mobile convergence (FMC) client, enabling instant call backs, phonebook look-ups with click to call, unified messaging integration and management, dynamic conference management, as well as missed calls alerts.  Initially it is available for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) platforms.  

  Unite Salesforce   Unite Salesforce is a add-in that brings calling capabilities directly into Salesforce to run outbound campaigns or initiate calls from within Salesforce with call disposition recording.   n/a
  Unite Zimbra   Unite Zimbra integrates openUC with VMware's Zimbra email, calendar, and collaboration solution.   n/a
  Call Accounting  

Commercial call accounting package that connects to openUC for detailed graphical call accounting reports.

  Phone Features  

Advanced Polycom phone features, such as hot desking (hotelling) for nomadic workers, on the phone forwarding, and other advanced features are available for the commercial openUC edition only.

  Application integration   Additional integration for different applications to communications enable other Web based applications frequently used in enterprise.   n/a

Note: Some features and capabilities described above are still in beta or have not yet been released. Please contact eZuce for specific release information.