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Since its inception, HEP has grown every year. Colorado State University (CSU) and Cedarville University are founding members of the program and helped coin  "For EDU, by EDU". They've since been joined by a wide range of universities of all sizes, both  public and private, international and domestic.  Join them today !

  Colorado State University   Cedarville University, OH
  Colorado State University  


Colorado State University (CSU) CIO Pat Burns about his support for the SIPfoundry Higher Education Program (HEP).  

Member Benefits Member Benefits

Members enjoy tangible benefits:

  • SPC and STP council memberships
  • Training and consulting help with planning production deployment
  • EDU pricing on commercial support  with SLA
  • EDU discount on commercial openUCTM Enterprise Edition software from eZuce
  • Free admission to CoLab user conference
By EDU for EDU By EDU for EDU


...With a Twist

SIPfoundry partners with higher education institutions to collaborate in the development and deployment of a communications system made for EDU by EDU via the Higher Education Program or HEP. Modeled after the Kuali Foundation, this membership program provides access to an open source unified communications and collaboration solution built with access to commercial support, providing the best of both worlds to cost-conscious educational institutions.

University environments are different. They're more diverse and typically very cost conscious.  As part of the SIPfoundry HEP, we collaborate with institutions of higher education to replace their legacy (IP) PBX systems with a cost effective, powerful, and reliable open source unified communications and collaboration solution that can be integrated with other EDU applications. From enabling mobile learning and collaboration to supporting BYOD cost-effectively, HEP is designed to empower university IT administrators with the tools they need to serve students' and faculty's diverse communications needs. The results are impressive.

"Our campus selected sipXecs because it was necessary to invest in a product that allowed us to save money and collaborate with our peers. We are confident that this program will enhance our ability to communicate and is well suited to meet the learning, research and academic needs of our university and others."

-David Rotman, Associate VP for Technology CIO, Cedarville College.

Shape the Future of Educational Technology Shape the Future of Educational Technology

The key elements of the program beyond access to commercial support and software are the participation in the HEP steering organizations. The SIPfoundry Policy Council (SPC) governs the activities undertaken in cooperation between institutions of higher education and the SIPfoundry community. All member organizations have a seat at the SPC, helping shape product direction, EDU specific roadmap, integration into other applications used in the EDU community as well as cooperation with other organizations that serve the EDU IT market. The SPC is assisted by a SIPfoundry Technical Council (STC) on technical aspects as well as issues related to integration. Each member institution has a seat at the STC. In addition, the SPC is represented at the SIPfoundry board. Every institutionof higher education can become a member and profit from a unique form of cooperation, developing the most complete, feature rich, and scalable unified communications solution for EDU.  Contact us to learn more.

Join Other Institutions Adopting HEP Now – Get HEP! Join Other Institutions Adopting HEP Now – Get HEP!

A project often starts small and once proven in a controlled environment, institutions realize the potential of sipXecs. The sipXecs solution has proven to scale to large deployments up to about 10,000 users. It offers the features required to replace a legacy (IP) PBX.  It integrates with a Microsoft environment, and offers an open alternative. It is much more than telephony. If you are on a tight budget and have big and bold plans for your communications environment, join a wide range of leading institutions and join HEP.

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