Looking for a partner / co-founder

Topics: Announcements

UC is growing. UCAAS is growing. The cloud is growing. We are a dedicated team with a lot of technology. We have proven that we can serve many mid-size to large enterprises with a comprehensive and reliable software replacement for their aging PBX system; and we have saved them a lot of money doing so. […]

Let me introduce the SIPfoundry / Connecter team

Topics: Announcements

For the most part we are a group of part-timers and contractors for now, including me, but three of us are now full-time. Starting last summer we began putting a lot of effort into revamping our Web site and our infrastructure. Our goal was to improve visibility for the SIPfoundry brand and implement the marketing […]

Why SIPfoundry decided to offer support

Topics: Announcements / Features and products

Our users and partners told us again and again that support is critical for the production deployment of an open source solution like sipXecs. We agree and that is why we decided to offer professional support for our sipXecs platform going forward.

Up until now we mainly relied on a commercial offering from our partner eZuce. An estimated 10% of the sipXecs installed base benefits from it and I heard it many times that the quality of the support and the team at eZuce are great. However, we think we can do much better and offer support to many more of you who are using sipXecs in production today. Purchasing support through eZuce requires a transition to a commercial edition, openUC, which many of you told us is contrary to the idea of deploying an open source solution. The SIPfoundry support offering combines the best of both worlds: it gives you an open source solution that meets all the criteria for production deployment, and without having to switch to another product after the initial testing and evaluation.

Inbound Marketing Automation is Easy, Right?

Topics: Industry trends

Inbound marketing automation is all over the Internet. Even small companies (SMB) are into it now. With an abundance of inbound marketing automation tools available, it should be as easy as pie. This post is about how it really works. For me it is still not easy enough. I would love to hear your …

The 7 Server sipXecs Cluster

Topics: Features and products

To demonstrate how it works, we created a video about how to build a 7 server sipXecs cluster using Google Compute Engine (GCE).  It is really easy.  When we started to develop the UCCS architecture for sipXecs we knew that installing and running existing unified communications systems was complex.  We wanted something that runs fully […]

sipXecs UCCS Architecture

Topics: Features and products

sipXecs UCCS Architecture Universal Cloud Communications Stack Cloud Telecom. Software that turns communications into a service. Software Architecture That Matters Universal Cloud Communications Stack (UCCS), which sipXecs is based on, is a modern cloud application.  It represents a complete communications and collaboration system, a production environment for real-time services, with all the required applications for voice, […]

Easy Guide – Fast Start for sipXecs Admins

Topics: Features and products

sipXecs EASY GUIDE – Fast Start for Admins Let’s Go This easy guide for sipxecs for admins covers basic steps from installing sipXecs to placing your first internal and external calls.    If you want to get started quickly, get an idea whether sipXecs is for you, stage a demo to show off, or to […]

Private Communications as a Service (CaaS) stands for Security

Topics: Industry trends

Is there a difference between private and public CaaS?  To us private CaaS (Communications as a Service) stands for security. Moving into the cloud and subscribing to a hosted service for communications significantly affects an organization’s security assumptions as it greatly enlarges the security perimeter. Shared access, or multi-tenancy, is one of the key tenets […]

Multi-tenant CaaS is Dead – Long Live Virtualization

Topics: Industry trends

Still using a Broadsoft based or other carrier grade multi-tenant capable UC solution to produce VoIP in the cloud? The Telecoms approach to addressing IT requirements has started to fade long time ago, but the ‘carrier-grade’ thinking in the UC and VoIP space is still around. Virtualization and modern cloud infrastructure was introduced into IT…

Is the WebRTC Opportunity Being Squandered

Topics: Industry trends

Since the WebRTC conference in Atlanta two weeks ago, the W3C working group driving the WebRTC specification is in disarray. A loud minority of peer-to-peer (P2P) developers took over the discussion in a firestorm of messages challenging the current specification together with the already existing implementations in Chrome and Firefox …

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