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British Airways    

Cash Advance America

The deployment at Cash Advance America is constantly growing to over 6,000 users already.  

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British Airways    

British Airways Replaces Cisco Unity

BA uses sipXecs to replace Cisco Unity for some of its remote offices and users. sipXecs Unified Messaging seamlessly substitutes Unity at significantly lower cost, while users continue to use Cisco CallManager and Cisco phones.

Friends of SIPfoundry Friends of SIPfoundry

Working with sipXecs and would like to get on this list?  Email us at

eZuce   eZuce was founded by the founders of SIPfoundry to support the community and offer commercial support for sipXecs.
Red Hat   We collaborate with Red Hat on virtualization, the Gluster filesystem, Fedora, and RHEL compatibility.
VMware   We collaborate with VMware on virtualization and closely work with the Zimbra division on integration.
Amazon AWS   We partner with Amazon AWS to provide easy to use virtualized communications.
KGB   KGB sponsors the openACD project, a joint effort to develop a scalable and fully featured ACD call center solution.
Openfire   sipXecs integrates the OpenfireXMPP server and the two communities collaborate.
FreeSWITCH   sipXecs integrates FreeSWITCH as its media server and collaborates with the FreeSWITCH community.
  IANT, associated with the OstfaliaTechnical University, is our development and support partner in Germany.


Make a Donation to SIPfoundry Make a Donation to SIPfoundry

Are you interested in making a donation to SIPfoundry? We have a Paypal account established to receive donations from our SIPfoundry User Community. You can visit and our SIPfoundry account is linked to the following email address ( Thanks for your continued support we appreciate it.

Order the sipXecs Book Order the sipXecs Book

sipXecs Book

Written by Michael Picher, a networking and sipXecs expert for years and a respected contributor to the sipXecs community. Mike now works with eZuce. Order here

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Cloud Based Unified Communications for the Enterprise Cloud Based Unified Communications for the Enterprise

We believe that phones and phone systems will go away, that the browser will become the most important client on both laptops and mobile devices, and we believe in open and interoperable systems.  

We provide the software, an IT solution made for IT people.  You will feel right at home running communications as an application.  Our solution has proven to cut production cost in a cloud environment by more than 10x.

Our focus is on communications enablement of applications.  Our communications software is made for the cloud, fully capable of replacing an old PBX, and ideal for deployments between several hundred and several ten-thousand users, georgraphically distributed.



Our focus is on mid-size to large enterprise and MSPs, and major companies have adopted our solution successfully.

We believe there are over 1 million users of our open source edition and among our commercial customers are large corporations including Fortune 100.

We provice voice, video, conferencing, unified messaging, instant messaging and presence in one easy to use package.


If you are looking to replace your aging (IP) PBX with an all software modern communications solution that scales to mid-size and large enterprise and can be deployed in the cloud, look no further.  A fast growing list of large enterprise use our solution as an alternative to expensive systems from vendors such as Avaya, Cisco, and Microsoft.  If you are an organization with many hundred or even thousands of branch offices distributed geographically, we can help centralize your communcations infrastructure into a data center with geographic redundancy, seamless failover, and a robust and easy to manage system that scales to your needs.

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Since the WebRTC conference in Atlanta two weeks ago, the W3C working group driving the WebRTC specification is in disarray. A loud minority of peer-to-peer (P2P) developers took over the
  Analysts predict that withing five years up to 50% of enterprises with 500 to 5,000 employees will consume Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) from a vendor cloud service or
  This year’s CloudCamp was on open standards and interoperability in the cloud. It was  also a wonderful example of how cloud computing brings people together. IT experts  and
  Adding to an industry-star-studded panel that already includes Erik Linask and Paula Bernier, Editorial Director and Executive Editor of TMCnet, which includes INTERNET TELEPHONY and
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